Child of Light – Review

Child of Light receHead eng Child of Light receHead eng

Between an Assassin’s Creed and the promising Watching Dogs: it seems like Ubisoft isn’t lacking in will of experimantation at all, at least not the Montréal team, authors of one of the most curious titles under the spotlight in the recent times. Child of Light is a real experiment, the developers’ will to go for potental too often neglected by […]

Japan Imports #2: Beyond the Labyrinth – Review

Beyond the Labyrinth Beyond the Labyrinth

Welcome back to Japan Imports! Here we are once again, talking about those japanese softwares that  actually couldn’t get out of their country. This time we will focus on Labyrinth no Kanata (or Beyond the Labyrinth, as it is usually known in english), a title which caught high interests at the moment of its presentation, especially overseas, the 19th […]

Japan Imports #1: Time Travelers – Review

time travelers time travelers

Welcome to Japan Imports, a new EIR Games column dedicated to Japanese titles that didn’t make it to the West – and maybe never will. For this first entry, I am glad to introduce you Time Travelers, a Level-5 pearl that unfortunately hasn’t had that much success even in its motherland. But enough chit-chat for […]

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Review

14986_SFONDO_lightning_returns_final_fantasy_xiii_9-1024x576 14986_SFONDO_lightning_returns_final_fantasy_xiii_9-1024x576

EIR Games and its Japan correspondants are happy to give you other fresh news from the Land of the Rising Sun. Out in motherland on the past November 21, we played for you in advance new Square Enix’s effort,  Lightning Returns – Final Fantasy XIII, expected in Europe on February 14 and on February 11 in North […]

Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies – Review

Bravely Default - Logo Black Bravely Default - Logo Black

On October 11, 2012, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy was born in Japan, last Nintendo 3DS Square Enix JRPG at the time. Gaining remarkable success, it was decided to localize it for the West, releasing it in Europe during 2013 and in North America during 2014. Being fond of the genre as I am, I couldn’t help but playing it, finishing it and […]

SNK Legends at Italian Museum of Videogames, Vigamus!

SNK Playmore Logo SNK Playmore Logo

Famous software house SNK Playmore was invited at the Italian Museum of Videogames in Rome, named Vigamus. Main attractions during this event were the interviews to Yamamoto Kei and Kiyoji Tomita, Ogura Eisuke‘s exclusive illustrations, and The King of Fighters 98, Samurai Shodown II, Fatal Fury Special and Art of Fighting arcades, special gifts from […]

Guy Costantini, Riot Games developer, talks about League of Legends

541295_793635827390645_6392414_n1 541295_793635827390645_6392414_n1

At the League of Legends Italian Launch event in Rome, we interviewed Guy Costantini, Riot Games developer. We appreciated the willingness he and the company itself showed us, sending “on the field” many people from League of Legends team.   This is what he told us:   EIR: “Hi, thanks for being here with us. […]

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